Identiv offers a broad range of contact, contactless and mobile smart card reader and terminal technology. Find out more about their industry leading products:

Envoy Data Corporation (EDC) - Building Solutions, Building Relationships

Envoy Data Corporation (EDC)

Envoy Data Corporation is a distributor of IT security solutions. Since 1993, we’ve combined our solid distribution channel and technology expertise to meet our clients’ IT security needs.

We take pride in proactively supporting our partners through engineering, design, marketing, and sales support. As a specialist in our market, we’ve created unique partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers and resellers, allowing us to offer best-of-breed IT security solutions for customers in almost any market.

Our goal is simple; leverage our industry experience and partner relationships to provide quality IT security solutions, services, and logistics at a competitive price.

We look forward to growing with our partners, and are always looking for innovative solutions to better serve our customers.

Featured Products
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SCM/Identiv SCR3310 v2.0SCM/Identiv SCR3310 v2.0
SCM/Identiv SCR3500SCM/Identiv SCR3500
SCM/Identiv Cloud 2910 RSCM/Identiv Cloud 2910 R
SafeNet Authentication ServiceSafeNet Authentication Service
SCM/Identiv Cloud 2700 FSCM/Identiv  Cloud 2700 F
SCM/Identiv iAuthenticateSCM/Identiv iAuthenticate
SCM/Identiv SCL011SCM/Identiv SCL011
Gemalto Smart Guardian FIPSGemalto Smart Guardian FIPS
Featured Products

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